Coloreti is perfect for a lot of things! You can make cakes, brownies, easter eggs and much more.
Use your imagination with Coloreti!

Pingo de Leite

Pingo de Leite nº 1 in Brazil, now also in Chocolate, Coffee and Light version!

Remember good times and share joy.

Bombom Happy

Nougat assortes bar with Chocolate flavored coating and 6 delicious filling varieties.

How about trying it out now?


Chocolate Compound, Milk, White, Dark and Blend with 500g, 1.01kg and 25kg options.

Much more flavor!!

Top Mellow

Marshmallow with a layer of wafer and chocolate flavor topping.

Delicious, you won\'t want to stop eating!


Churros flavored bar filled with caramel flavour filling.

Delicious and crunchy! I want to see you eat only one.


Eating and playing is even more fun with Ducrem new packaging.

Guaranteed fun with delicious flavors.


Peanut candy with an incomparable flavor that appeals to all ages.

Impossible to eat just one!

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