The first part of this story was written by Jairo Antonio Zambon, Who founded the group Pompéia in 1968. Initially, the group commercialized peanut sand coffee in natura, and in 1976 it pioneered the expor to these products in its region.


Due to the enterprising spirit of its founder, the  group also exported Brazil nut, traded rubber, and was involved in mining activities, among others.


In 1988, it was established the Pompéia S.A Indústria e Comércio, a trade name still in use now a days.

In 1991, the group engaged in producing food stuff and created JAZAM trademark.


The first paçoca (peanut candy) was hand-made by one of the ten employees who first started the production, and some of them are still working and developing with the company. Some other treats followed: Tubitos Jazam, Crocante Jazam, Amendoim Japonês, all made with the same high quality export peanuts.


In 1996, the company expanded its range in sweets production. The list at that time included Maria Mole, Sorvete Quente, Bananinha de Copinho, Canudinho Surpresa, Doce de Abóbora, Amendotop, Amendoim Confeitado, Suspiro, and Doce de Leite in pieces. The company employed 130 people and promoted impressive growth by working with representative sales in almost every Brazilian state.


Another part of this story was added in 2001, when Jazam completed 10 years of operation and launched a line named Ducrem, whose products were exported to Argentina, Venezuela, and  DominicanRepublic. This mix of products was reviewed and new ones were added, such as Pingo de Leite Jazam, Amendoins confeitados, Barrinhas de Chocolate HappyEnd, and new Ducremflavors.


In 2006, it was developed a line of toppings named Chocomais. Jazam trademark was present country and worldwide, in 20 countries besides Brazil, and employed more than 240 collaborators.

Built upon ethics and dedicated employees and partners, Jazam focuses its efforts on the development of products rich in taste, high technologi cally produced, presenting innovation and strict control of production processes.


With a variety of products, Jazam presents more than 130 items and production capacity of 2000 tons a month. Its facilities have a built área of 150,000 ft² and it exports to every Brazilian region and more than 40 countries overseas.


This year Jazam completes 25 years of operations. The celebration includes a new and special visual identity, created upon dedication, trust, and a handful of love. After all, its main purposeis to develop long-termbonds between company and clients.


This brand-new identity reflects the building  of a trademark developed to be a household name and to highlight what it means to be a family - the major Power which unites all pieces, thusful filling the common goal of Love and joy.

In order to write this story, we friendly integrate every part tocreate Jazam: our employees, sellers, suppliers, clients, and partners. Together we can be more and more well succeeded.


Bite your piece of affection, dedication, trust and profits.


Piece by piece, we may forget as tybonds between the market and between you.

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