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This first part of the history was written by Jairo Antonio Zambon, who founded the Group of Pompéia in 1968 initially selling peanuts and coffee. In 1976 the company pioneered the export of coffee and peanuts around the region.

Over the years due to its entrepreneurial vision the group also began exporting Brazil nuts, rubber, mining and so on.
For the reason of the company's growth in 1988 the new company name POMPÉIA S.A INDUSTRIA E COMÉRCIO came and that is so far maintained.

In 1991, the group entered in confectionery manufacturing activity, since the emerging Jazam Trademark. The first piece of peanut candy was crafted cut by one of the 10 employees who initiated this activity and some of them continue to grow about the company, later today other delicious sweets such as Tubitos Jazam, Peanut Crunch Jazam, Japanese salted peanuts came out and all with the same pattern of export peanuts.

In 1996, the company began to vary the production of sweets. At that time, sweets, as Maria Mole, hot ice cream, Little Banana Cup, Surprise Straw, Pumpkim Jam, Amendotop, candying peanuts, sweet Chunked milk were produced.

In 2001 the company invested heavily in the production lines automation which resulted in one of our main products: Ducrem.
Thereafter others big successful products came out like: Chocomais, Coloreti and Croc- Choc.

Nowadays the company have about 650 employees and expanded distribution with this sweet work with sales representatives from all Brazilian states and more than 40 countries around the world.

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